Graphic Design Program


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Weeks 1 – 4:

Adobe Illustrator – Level 1

  • Gain an understanding of drawing with an illustration software package
  • Learn to create drawings to graphics, logos to graphics and logos to complex illustrations using vector graphic elements
  • Learn about creating graphics/illustrations for exporting into other mediums such as multimedia and page layout applications
  • Learn to create one-page layout designs, using text graphics and photo images
  • Learn to import bitmap image (raster images) and apply special-effect filters

Adobe InDesign

  • Create a range of documents from invitation cards to multi-page documents
  • Incorporate graphics/logos with text
  • Incorporate tables for text
  • Set up pages and style sheets for future reference and use
  • Develop a better understanding of what is essential in desktop publishing, such as use of typography, graphics, etc. and designing page layouts

Adobe Photoshop – Level 1

  • Photoshop overview
  • Interface and workspace
  • Layers: Concept & benefits
  • Selection techniques and methods
  • Masking principles
  • Type
  • Photo/Image production

Week 5:

Adobe Photoshop – Level 2

  • Gainan overall understanding of Photoshop to an intermediate level
  • Uselayer styles to manipulate images
  • Restoreand correct images with retouching tools and techniques: sharpening, repairing and removing parts of the picture
  • Gaina general understanding of image, resolution and files saving format
  • Learnadvanced masking techniques for better compositions
  • Exploredifferent filters and blending modes
  • Produceseveral image compositions using a variety of different techniques

Weeks 6 – 7:

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers

  • Back-up and storage of files
  • Navigation of Photoshop
  • Brightening and darkening techniques
  • To select specific areas to enhance
  • Creative sharpening and enhancing
  • Use of filters
  • Conversion to B & W
  • Downsizing of  images ready for print
  • Email techniques
  • PowerPoint presentation

Weeks 8 – 9:

Advanced Advertising Design

  • Learn how to identify an effective advertising design campaign
  • Learn how to identify a target audience and determine the objective of an advertising campaign
  • Learn how to interpret an advertising design brief and effectively communicate ideas behind their design
  • Learn how to develop and create an effective advertising campaign
  • Gain skills to effectively adapt their design for a variety of media
  • Learn how to construct effective advertising copy and create finished artwork

Week 10:

Fonts & Typography Essentials

  • Identify professional typography
  • Define typography basics
  • Develop professional type
  • Demonstrate understanding of the power of typography in design
  • Construct good type for print design

Week 11:

Introduction to Advertising Design for Print

  • Identify effective advertising design
  • Identify target audience and determine the objective of an advertisement
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret an advertising design brief
  • Develop and create an effective advertisement
  • Demonstrate skills to effectively adapt design for two variations of print media
  • Demonstrate skills to effectively communicate ideas behind your designs

Week 12:

Professional Logo Design Using Illustrator

  • Learn how to identify effective logo and corporate identity design
  • Learn how to identify a target audience
  • Learn how to determine the needs of a client
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret a design brief
  • Learn how to effectively communicate the thought process behind your designs
  • Create effective logo designs
  • Learn to develop a design guideline file
Program time:

6 hours per day, 5 days per week

(30 hours per week – 360 hours)

Program length:

This program is for group students. The schedule is flexible.

Please contact custom service to fix the date

Program price:

$5400/per student

  • the above fee is only for study, not including food, accommodation, transportation, etc.
  • please consult customer service to fix the program date
  • please consult customer service for accommodation information