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Industry overview

Australia has a unique culture style and rich indigenous history. Contemporary Australia is home to a wide range of creative arts and industries, from film and the visual and performing arts, to architecture and design. Australia also plays a key role in the education, training and development of future leaders across all arts and creative industries. The Australian Government is a strong supporter of the arts sector and recognizes that a creative economy contributes to culture diversity, social inclusion, environment sustainability and technological advancement. Australian performing arts centers are one example of government-supported initiative, established to benefit local communities, artists and the wider arts industry.

The Australian culture sector is internationally recognised for:

♦ International leaders who have created, managed and redeveloped culture precincts and venues

♦ Australian cultural venues and precincts that attract international visitors

♦ International projects that demonstrate experience across the entire value chain.

Australian cultural venues and precincts

The arts and creative industries are integral to the success of contemporary Australia-to its values, self-expression, confidence and engagement with the world. Australia’s iconic museums, art galleries, performing arts centers, and other significant cultural venues underpin this success. Many of Australia’s iconic cultural buildings demonstrate our experience in designing, building and successfully managing leading cultural institutions across the entire value.

Australian companies have experience across management and corporate services including:

  • Venue management
  • Strategic business planning and policy development
  • Financial management
  • Corporate govemance
  • Risk management
  • Building development and maintenance
  • Workplace govemance
  • Risk management
  • Building development and maintenance
  • Workplace health and safety
  • External relations
  • Human resources, procurement and logistics
  • Foundations,philanthropy and sponsorship
  • Commercial and retail operations
  • Training and development

The Australian arts and cultural sector is underpinned by outstanding skills and experience in the design, construction and management of leading cultural institutions. Directors of Australia’s art galleries and museums are experienced in re-inventing and re-positioning their venues to attract local and international visitors.

Many of Australia’s culture centres are leading the way in responding to global trends such as intrinsic impact and community engagement. Small regional theatres and major capital city arts centres alike are connecting people to works across art forms, cultures and societies. Australian culture precincts and arts centres are part of a strong network that recognises the benefits of working collaboratively across the supply chain.

Programming curation and research

Australian companies have domestic and international expertise in a range of events, programming, curation and research services including:

  • Artistic research, strategy, development and programming
  • Curatorial services
  • Special events/outdoor public event programming
  • Scientific expertise, research and analysis.

Venue, facilities and production management

Australian companies have domestic and international expertise in a range of venue facilities and production management services including:

  • production delivery and management
  • collections management and tracking
  • exhibition and event management
  • heritage, conservation and preservation services
  • facilities, staging and technical services management
  • archival management and services
  • bio-hazard management and controls
  • cleaning and waste management
  • catering and hospitality services
  • venue security
  • lighting products and services
  • acoustical consultants, audio products and services
  • recording and broadcasting
  • facilities maintenance.

Audience engagement, education and public  relations

Australian companies have domestic and international expertise in a range of audience engagement, education and public relations services including:

  • visitor services marketing
  • PR, communications and social media
  • audience development
  • education programs.

Technology and telecommunications

Australian companies have domestic and international expertise in a range of technology and telecommunications services including:

  • multimedia, online and interactive design
  • box-office and ticketing technologies
  • visitor tracking technologies
  • records management and databases
  • ICT, operational and customised software.

Cox Architecture

Case study: infrastructure, sustainable design and engineering

Cox Architecture has expertise a board range of cultural buildings and public spaces. These include exhibition and convention centres, large and small art galleries, museums, theaters, community centers and ‘lifestyle places’ – environments designed to invigorate the public’s experience. The cultural buildings Cox designs seek to connect public spaces and to embody the spirit and cultures of the cities they occupy.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and hotel is an example of Cox Architecture’s work in the Asian region, the firm was responsible for the conceptual design of the convention center interiors, including retail and food court areas.

LAB Architecture Studio Pty Ltd

Case study: infrastructure, sustainable design and engineering

LAB Architecture Studio is a leading architecture and urban design practice, with a particular focus on cultural and civic precincts. LAB is managed from a main office in Melbourne, with associate offices in Shanghai, Delhi and London. LAB has built projects in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China and Australia.

The success of Federation Square, ranked as one of the world’s best public spaces, and visited by over nine million people a year, established LAB’s reputation in Australia and around the world.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Case study: Programming, curation and research

Game Masters is a touring exhibition that has been developed by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). Game Masters premiered at ACMI in 2012, with over 100,000 visitors attending the exhibition and its highly successful associated education and live events programs. The exhibition is highly interactive showcasing the work of the world’s best video game designers from the arcade era through to the latest console and mobile game technology.

Over 30 game designers are profiled in the exhibition, including well-known international developers, independents and Australian game designers. The designers’ work is explored through a combination of rare concept artwork, newly commissioned interviews and supporting interactive digital displays, as well as over 100 playable games.

Game Masters is designed to appeal to visitors of all ages and abilities, particularly young people and families, and appeal equality to both males and females. Further information on visitation numbers and segmentation, including visitor survey information, is available upon request.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Case study: Audience engagement, education and public relations

Sydney Opera House recognizes the importance of creating online learning spaces for the teaching of the performing arts for students, teachers, young people and families. As a world heritage building of artistic international standing, located on a significant Indigenous site, Sydney Opera House is known for the provision of culturally rich experiences. But these experiences are not limited to it’s physical location.

In 2011 the Sydney Opera House’s Education and Youth Peoples Program expanded in structure and size, delivering a performing arts education program onsite, offsite and online. The interactive online video conferencing program has reached over 7000 NSW students.

In 2012 Sydney Opera House received a Commonwealth grant of A$715,000 for an NBN Enabled Education and Skills and Services project. Titled ‘From Bennelong Point to the Nation 2012-2014’, the project will deliver a number of deployment trials to enhance the Sydney Opera House’s engagement with individuals, community users and education providers in online cultural and creative learning.


Case study: Technology and telecommunications

The Spinifex Group is a creative communications company, recognized as a leader in the highly specialized field of experience media.

A true concept-to completion creative group, Spinifex nurtures original ideals from production to delivery in an environment of innovation and integrity, combining time-honoured storytelling traditions with the tools of the digital age. Spinifex’s creative interpretations span an impressive portfolio of cultural works in China, including the Shanghai World Expo and Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, Yan City Museum and the Huaqing Pool Hall of Longevity in Xian.

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